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We like to invite you to AERO 2016 in Friedrichshafen .Exhibition stand ULTRALIGHT DESIGN will be again in foyer west No.115. IMG_1828-001



F200 combustion engine version

1. After many troubles with starters in 2015 we decided to change starter Ego trike is machine primary for flying in thermals with high quantity of restarting in air. This is the reason why we need different solution from PPG use. We decided to use engine starter with power 400 W, without problematical bendix gear box. Powerful starter increase of RPM during engine start up from 760 up to 1200 RPM With new starter is  troubleless with transport petrol to the carburator and also significantly stronger flash. Engine is practicaly more resistant before user mistakes. To the electronic system was added thermoelectric element – protection of starter and installations against overheating

P1150713    P1150718

2. Change of spark coil positionon to the engine frame together with new antenna on glider nose for less radio interferences and better radio communication . In past was spark coil inside in fuselage , much closer to the electric installation.curentlly is placed on the engine frame ,outside of fuselage. Position of new antena is also as much as possible in biggest distance from all installations . Antena in general aviation standart is placed on composite plate on the glider nose . antena5-001 Is still enough place to make pre flight inspection on the glider nose, all parts on the nose are possible to check. plate is fixed by velcro and finally covered with glider nose with hole .

antena3  antena4antena5-001

3. adjusted flesh timing of engine ignition – more calm engine speed on idle RPM decrease of cylinder head temperature and less vibrations

4. new silencer in engine exhaust system more power with 5% less noise

5. larger fuel tank. Those small changes was primary designed because more space necessary for bateries in electric version. Parachute box is 15 mm more flat and the door are also bigger.We have space for new 156 Ah bateries for electric version and fuel tank is also 2,5 liters larger.

IMG_2738-001 IMG_2740-001 IMG_2741-001


Delivery 3 trikes for Austria in August 2013


Day 2013. 04.10 type certificate was issued LAA CR number ULL – 03/2013

    skenovat0006 priloha 2 ang příloha 1 ang


                                                                       NEW NAME TRIKE

During the process of certification, strength testing and beginning of the advertising campaign was growing interest of use of our trike also for other than A.I.R. ATOS gliders.

I had different ideas about the structure of the sales network, which should not be closely linked only to the world of free hang gliders wings. With exclusive support of A.I.R. dealer network is difficult to secure the necessary service of engines and technical support. Perfect service requires longer experience with operation of motor gliders. I can see positive responses in places where trike pilots have interest not only on specific type of non-motorized gliders Atos because of the large wing span. I cannot and I will not interfere with the dealership structure of A.I.R. I want to precede conflict of business activities using existing name of ATOS for my trike. With regards to the quality of workmanship, materials and unique design, I think EGO TRIKE name better reflects the construction of trike, as well as EGO PLANE name perfectly represents tandem ultralight aircraft (not-yet published project of company Ultralight Design). I am convinced that the time has come to revive the original brand EGO and expansion of business activities of Ultralight design. However I clearly declare that supplier relationships with AIR Buching and Felix Rühle remain unchanged and friendly and ATOS name for me is still matter of my heart. This change in strategy of Ultralight Design Company means more independence, keeping the option of deciding the destiny of trike I designed. Mg.A. MILOSLAV NOVOTNÝ


At the beginning of August passed final tests of a trike aimed to gain Czech standard certificate and German certificate DULF. All tests underwent under supervision of a head technician LAA CR and are completely accepted for usage of German DULF. We are convinced that after all the tests and optimizations during past two years we bring ideal motorization to the market which will be highly appreciated by a wide range of ATOS owners.

Low-weight trike thanks to modern material usage ensures high safety and long-time working life without any threat of fatigue cracks. The ergonomy and size of a seat guarantees comfort for a two-meter, hundred-kilo pilots. The system of a quick assembly gives a possibility of a comfortable transport inside a car or a van. The most important design factor was aerodynamic shape purity and a target to create an above-standard trike, that will not be comparable with its performance with rival products, as prove ATOS gliders in the past. At present time we are manufacturing series No. 9 and after completing all administrative requirements of authorities nothing will block its full „flight.“ All technical details and pictures are in section „ATOS TRIKE“.


A test flight for electric trike ATOS took place on May 19, 2012. A combination of a slim silhouette with quiet noise of an engine and a propeller at rotational rate under 2000 is impressive.


Ultralight design and Phoenix AIR from Ústí nad Orlicí have displayed electric drive components on a common booth at trade show for general aviation in Friedrichshafen in Germany. Designer of ATOS trike – a symbol of a light and very powerful aircraft, showed an easy and quick folding system for inside the passenger car transport. Achieved simplicity and aerodynamic purity confirmed staying ahead of the game position. Visitors were allowed to try ergonomic seat designed for a pilot up to 2 – meter – height. Elektro Phoenix retractable undercarriage system, originally designed for „NASA GREEN CHALLENGE“ drew big attention of Klaus Ohlmann who wants to set new records of electrolights.


On trade fair show THERMIK in Sindelfingen on February 18, 2012 was presented a production version of a trike for ATOS gliders line. A second prototype is set with a propellent unit used and tested in Toni Röth´s harnesses E-LIFT. Without a wing including racket system GalaxyRS 5/240 soft and a battery 40Ah it weighs 52 kg. While using standard ATOS VR there still remain 86 kg for pilot´s weight. Colour and technological solution fully meets ATOS gliders processing standards. It is possible to rise up to approx. 1200 m or fly for at least 40 minutes with a certain battery.